Original Titles For The Playstation 4

PS4 Controller

 With Sony’s Playstation 4 set to hit stores later this year (just in time for the holidays, of course), fans of gaming are in for their biggest treat in a number of years. Ever since the release of the fairly innovative Nintendo Wii in 2006, there’s been very little in the way of major gaming developments or new household consoles. The result, of course, has been that we’ve had to settle for smaller gaming news for a few years now.

A big piece of gaming news in the past couple of years might be that a new social gaming phenomenon is sweeping Facebook. You know the drill by now: some new game becomes popular, all your friends start playing it, and before long you can’t scroll through a social networking feed without seeing constant score updates and challenges!

Another example of recent gaming news might be that a new real money gambling game at Betfair Casino or some similar site takes off. Real money gambling is changing the gaming industry in a number of ways, so developments like these – new games, betting methods, and general accessibility to casino gaming sites – have been numerous and significant in recent years. There’s even real-money gambling on Facebook now!

But these sorts of news, while significant for certain types of gamers and in certain niches of the gaming industry, pale in comparison to the release of a massive new console like the PS4, and the brand new games that come with it. Of course, the PS4 will bring with it a host of familiar titles that fans will be delighted to play on the new console – but it will also introduce completely new and original gaming experiences. Here are a few specific gaming titles that fit this description, and which we can’t wait to play!



This is a bold survival game from Zombie Studios making its first console appearance on PS4, and expected to be released in 2014. In this game, players wake up in a 1st person setup in a creepy hospital, with only a cell phone as an accessory. From there on, it’s a dark and horrific survival trek. The fun part is, the game works with what is called a procedurally generated world, meaning that the world you explore is different each time you play. Given the popularity of zombie fiction in pop culture these days, this game could be a hit.

Shadow Of The Beast

Shadow of the beast PS4

Okay, technically this isn’t an original game. Developed by Heavy Spectrum, the game was actually released on the Amiga in 1989. However, the updated version on an advanced new console certainly looks like the beginnings of a modern adventure franchise. The game pits players against a brutal, mysterious world of dangers and monsters, combining exploration and combat to build an intriguing game concept.



Also being called “#Driveclub, this is a brand new take on racing games from Evolution Studios. The game will take on road/street racing (rather than organized track races or off-road formats), and will give players a full 1st person perspective, rather than just a stable view from the cockpit of the car. Additionally, aspects of racing culture will come into play, allowing players to team up and improve standing as racers.

Santa Monica Studios Game (?)

santa monica studio

From the Studio that brought us the “God Of War” franchise comes… we’re not quite sure yet. But the folks at Santa Monica Studios have confirmed work on a PS4 title, and have promised it’ll be “freaking huge,” as noted by Games Radar. That ought to be enough to keep us all excited!


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