What Are Your Favourite Webcomics? Here Are Some of Ours

The internet is full of amazing artists and great webcomics so we thought we would share with you some of our favourite gaming related webcomics. In no specific order, here are seven gaming related webcomics you should read.

Above comic illustrated by Joachim Berg

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

An excellent web comic by Kelly Turnbull (@Coelasquid) that’s been around since early 2010. The comic features, well… Manly guys doing manly things!  It revolves around the Commander, the manliest of men, who helps out-of-work game characters re-integrate into society. The comic regularly includes characters like Duke Nukem, Sten (Dragonage), Kratos (God of War) and other macho types and includes an ongoing storyline as well as one-off strips. There’s a lot to like about this comic and you should definitely check it out!


Megatokyo was created by Rodney Caston and Fred Gallagher (@fredrin) and has been around since 2000. The comic revolves around Largo and Piro, two gamers in their twenties who end up getting stranded in Tokyo. Megatokyo is heavily story based, so jumping in at the end would be very difficult, but if you do enjoy an ongoing, evolving, funny and at times crazy storyline, we definitely urge you to give this webcomic a shot. Check out their twitter feed @megatokyo for updates.


A great web comic made by a pair of Swedes, Pontus Madsen (@mrmadsen) and Christian Fundin (@cfundin). It’s been around since 2000 and updates very regularly – usually only one strip jokes, but every now and then there is a short story. Little-Gamers is usually quite funny, so we recommend you start reading here! The name might seem familiar as it originally inspired the name for our site back in the day when it was a web comic. See the Little-Players comic here (some day).

Click here for the QR link if you are too lazy to scan it!


Ctrl-Alt-Delete has been going since 2002 and was created by Tim Buckley (@TimCAD). CAD is probably the most family friendly comic on the list, not because the others are specifically bad, but his strips come across as the ‘nicest’. Tim is probably also the most disliked webcomic artist on the list, and there is a lot of e-drama surrounding him and Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Like Megatokyo, CAD is very centred around a main storyline, with short-stories and single strip jokes injected regularly. It revolves around Ethan, a self-centred, daft gamer who lives for games, his friend Lucas and eventually his girlfriend Lilah and robot Zeke. It’s not for everyone, but it does have a big following for a reason!

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is written by Jerry Holkins (@Tychobrahe) and illustrated by Mike Krahulik (@CwGabriel). The comic has been going since 1998 and is probably the most popular comic on the list. Penny Arcade’s story is centred around Tycho and Gabe, the artists’ alter egos and most of the strips are about them playing and commenting on video games. The comic is mostly one-strip jokes so getting into it is very easy. Follow their Twitter stream @PennyArcadeFeed for updates.

Virtual Shackles

Virtual Shackles (@VirtualShackles), illustrated by Jeremy Vinar and written by Mike Fahmie has been around since 2009. The comic is quite similar to Penny Arcade in terms of humour and art, so if you enjoy PA you will most likely enjoy Virtual Shackles too. They do a lot of topical jokes and it’s usually funny, so check out the comic here!


Extralife is a very funny webcomic by Scott Johnson(@extralife) that’s been around since 2001 and is one of the few that’s actually been good from the start. Like Penny Arcade and Virtual Shackles, Extralife features mostly one-off topical strips, like the one below. Start with the first strip here.

Did you enjoy this list? Come back soon as we take a look at some lesser known comics.

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